Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being

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Psychologie, Sportwissenschaft, Sportpsychologie
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Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being

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Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being is a peer-reviewed outlet for the scholarly dissemination of scientific findings and practical applications in the domains of health and well-being. Articles are encouraged from all areas of applied psychology including clinical, health, counseling, educational, sport, cross-cultural and environmental psychology. The mission of the journal is to provide readers with outstanding articles that present the latest data and best practices in the application of psychology to the promotion of well-being and optimal functioning.
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Building Resources in Caregivers: Feasibility of a Brief Writing Intervention to Increase Benefit Finding in Caregivers
Expectancy and Utilisation of Reflexology among Women with Advanced Breast Cancer
Happy People Live Longer and Better: Advances in Research on Subjective Well‐Being
Sexism Interacts with Patient–Physician Gender Concordance in Influencing Patient Control Preferences: Findings from a Vignette Experimental Design
Sedentary Behaviour and Diabetes Information as a Source of Motivation to Reduce Daily Sitting Time in Office Workers: A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial
Food Insecurity and Depression among Economically Disadvantaged Mothers: Does Maternal Efficacy Matter'
Between‐Individual Differences in Baseline Well‐Being and Emotion Regulation Strategy Use Moderate the Effect of a Self‐Help Cognitive‐Behavioral Intervention for Typical Adults
Mindfulness‐Based Interventions for University Students: A Systematic Review and Meta‐Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials
Physical Activity in Peri‐Urban Communities: Testing Intentional and Implicit Processes within an Ecological Framework
Motivated, Fit, and Strong—Using Counter‐Stereotypical Images to Reduce Weight Stigma Internalisation in Women with Obesity
Who Stays On' The Link between Psychosocial Patterns and Changes in Exercise and Sport Behaviour When Adolescents Make Transitions in Education
Does Listening to Music Regulate Negative Affect in a Stressful Situation' Examining the Effects of Self‐Selected and Researcher‐Selected Music Using Both Silent and Active Controls
An 8‐Week Relaxation Program Consisting of Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Mindfulness Meditation to Reduce Stress and Attenuate Stress‐Driven Eating
The Effects of Goal Framing on Energy Drink Consumption: The Moderating Role of Temporal Framing
Effects of Whole‐Body Cryostimulation (−90°C) on Somnolence and Psychological Well‐Being in an Older Patient with Restless Legs Syndrome
Subjective Well‐Being and Health Behaviors in 2.5 Million Americans
A Mixed Methods Cross‐Cultural Study to Compare Youth Drinking Cultures in Italy and the USA
Regulatory Focus and the Effect of Nutritional Messages on Health and Well‐Being: The Case of Red Meat Intake
On the Role of Habit in Self‐Reported and Observed Hand Hygiene Behavior
A Theory of Planned Behavior‐Based Program to Increase Physical Activity in Overweight/Obese Military Personnel: A Randomised Controlled Trial
The Indirect Effect of Holistic Career Values on Work Engagement: A Longitudinal Study Spanning Two Decades
Effects of Two Web‐Based Interventions and Mediating Mechanisms on Stage of Change Regarding Physical Activity in Older Adults
Best Practice Guidelines and Essential Methodological Steps to Conduct Rigorous and Systematic Meta‐Reviews
A Resilience‐Based Intervention Programme to Enhance Psychological Well‐Being and Protective Factors for Rural‐to‐Urban Migrant Children in China
Making New Year's Resolutions that Stick: Exploring how Superordinate and Subordinate Goals Motivate Goal Pursuit
Inter‐Relations between Partner‐Provided Support and Self‐Efficacy: A Dyadic Longitudinal Analysis
Social Factors Boost Well‐Being Behind Bars: The Importance of Individual and Group Ties for Prisoner Well‐Being
InDependent but not Alone: A Web‐Based Intervention to Promote Physical and Mental Health among Military Spouses
Who Uses Action Planning in a Web‐Based Computer‐Tailored Intervention to Reduce Workplace Sitting and What do Action Plans Look Like' Analyses of the Start to stand Intervention among Flemish Employees
Effects of a Worksite Group Intervention to Promote Physical Activity and Health: The Role of Psychological Coaching
Neuropeptide Y Gene × Environment Interaction Predicts Resilience and Positive Future Focus
A Comparison of the Effects of 45‐minute Aerobic Training and Cognitive Task Solving on Transient Mood States in a Female Student Sample
Predicting Transport‐Related Walking in Chinese Employees by Integrating Worksite Neighbourhood Walkability and Social Cognition
Heterogeneity in Temporal Processes: Implications for Theories in Health Psychology
It's About Time: Answering the Call for Greater Precision in Research and Practice
Time in Health Psychology
It's Time to Think about Time in Health Psychology
Dealing with Too Little: The Direct Experience of Scarcity does not Affect Snack Intake
Development and Validation of a Tool to Assess Military Veterans' Status, Functioning, and Satisfaction with Key Aspects of their Lives
Living for Today or Tomorrow' Self‐Regulation amidst Proximal or Distal Exercise Outcomes
Socioeconomic Status and the Prediction of Health Promoting Dietary Behaviours: A Systematic Review and Meta‐Analysis Based on the Theory of Planned Behaviour
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